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Product Description: If you are as serious about safety as you are about driving, then you need the Professional Series RX 65.

Bel V10, is it really the Pro 300 repackaged for Best Buy?

Our all-new varactor-tuned microwave receiver delivers the longest possible warning on all radar bands.The Beltronics Pro 200 Radar Detector provides eight times the sensitivity of imported radar detectors, including the latest POP mode threat.Easy do-it-yourself installation, installs in minutes, and fits most vehicles.

It is the middle ground of the entry-level model, the Beltronics Pro 100 and the pro model, the Beltronics Pro 300.

Beltronics Pro 200 Radar Detector Manual

The Beltronics Pro 200 is part of the Professional Series of the brand that was released back in 2012.

The Beltronics Pro 200 occupies the middle ground between the BEL Pro 300 and the entry-level Pro-Series offering, the BEL Pro 100.

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Supported Radar Detectors: - Beltronics GT-7 - Beltronics Pro 200 - Beltronics Pro 300 - Beltronics Pro 500 - Beltronics RX65 Pro Series - Beltronics STi Driver - Beltronics STiR - Cobra ESD 7100.

Re: Bel V10, is it really the Pro 300 repackaged for Best Buy.Beltronics is the industry leader in technology and innovation.

Beltronics Pro 200 includes the core features of the base model, the Pro 100, but adds something more to give it that little extra oomph.

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Luckily, false alerts are eliminated thanks to the use of traffic sensor rejection (TSR) technology.The Beltronics Pro 200 marks a significant improvement to the entry-level Beltronics pro 100.

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The product is designed to have safety alert which warns the drivers in the case of any emergency.Best Radar Detectors Under 200 Dollars Reviews ESCORT PASSPORT S55 PERFORMANCE PRO RADAR AND LASER DETECTOR If you are not hesitating in spending money for the best Radar Detector which will save you from the Speeding tickets, then this one Radar Detector from Escort is the best one for you.

Beltronics Pro 200 Review: Was developed especially for the United States roads and also capable of alerting you in less than 500 milliseconds.There are currently four models in this series, and while they all share some common, basic features, each offers something a little different from the others.

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Performance is a step below that of even mid-priced options, but still good enough for most real world situations and drivers.