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Treasure hunter Mel Fisher discovered this rarity in a hull full of gold and silver coins and bars, emerald crystals and jewelry in the 1980s.Plus, there used to be a bunch of gold and silver with it but they moved all that out and now that part of the Atocha is scattered around the world.

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Atocha Coins, Atocha Treasure Coins Recovered by Mel Fisher

For those individuals that are collectors of rare, ancient, or shipwreck coins, there are few options more popular than Atocha coins.The Archive of the Indies, in Seville, is one of its most important repositories.

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ATOCHA Spanish Shipwreck Treasure SILVER 8 Reale Coin

Being sold by an original investor of the Atocha shipwreck recovery.The cause is usually due to corrosion from years of salt water exposure, but sometimes from imperfections in the minting process itself.Authentic Atocha silver bars recovered by Mel Fisher from the Spanish galleon Atocha that sunk off the coast of Key West Florida in 1622 Atocha Bars, Atocha Silver Bars Recovered from the Atocha Shipwreck - the Almiranta of 1622 Spanish Treasure Fleet.Home to several sharks, it was explored by the pirate Edward Kenway during the early 18th century.

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The work ship James Bay, used by Mel Fisher and his crew to excavate the remains of the Spanish galleon Atocha (1979).Recovered from the Atocha shipwreck, this 8 reale silver coin features the cross and shield of Philip III.It is however a replication of an actual treasure coin. - The entire bezel in this piece including the bail is solid yellow 14k gold.The Atocha was supposed to make a trip from Havana to Spain, carrying an absolutely massive cargo of gold, silver, jewels, gems, tobacco, copper and anything else that might have been of value during that time.

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The Atocha yielded a bonanza that was unmatched by any previous ancient shipwreck.

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I have a silver 8 reale from the Atocha, with the necessary document of authenticity.Though the Spanish tried to raise the ship they were unsuccessful and her treasures lay on the ocean floor.Grade 2 Atocha coins lack the clarity or detail of Grade 1 coins.Minted in Potosi Bolivia, this coin is rate a grade 3 or 4 with moderate to heavy corrosion.

It has been bought and just sat there in good condition for many years and I would like to sell it to someone that would e.This is a genuine Spanish silver coin recovered from the Atocha shipwreck, which sank approximately 35 miles west of Key West, Florida.He searched for the treasure for 16 years, and tragically lost his son and daughter-in-law when a salvage boat capsized during the search.

Atocha Shipwreck Coins, Authentic Grade 2 Atocha Coins

Secrets of Undersea Shipwreck Treasure Hunters (Full Documentary) Secrets of Undersea Shipwreck Treasure Hunters (Full Documentary) Secrets of.I am hopeing to dive this wreck in a few months but the folks at mel fishers (they have the rights to the wreck) havent answerd any emails.Salvage After bringing the treasure up it was cleaned, cataloged, and researched.

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Atocha Shipwreck - Spanish 17th Century Gold Ring

Mel Fisher Maritime Museum and Mel Fisher Maritime Heritage Society in Key West, Florida is a museum that showcases gold, silver and treasure recovered from shipwrecks in the new World.

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This ring, recovered from the Atocha shipwreck and is typical of the period, as seen in portrait paintings and likely would have held a stone such as an emerald originally.

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