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Braces use constant, gentle pressure, which over time, move teeth into their proper positions.Braces are a little bit like Chinese foot binding, Blodgett says, with teeth forced to follow the direction of a pre-formed wire.

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Your Damon orthodontist takes into account a number of factors when first diagnosing your smile.

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Change your smile in seconds with these Fool-All Braces Teeth.You must take good care of your retainers when they are issued at the end of treatment.The pros and cons for Sapphire brackets are the same as those for Ceramic brackets.Benefits of braces treatment (1) Braces correct alignment of teeth.For teenagers, wearing braces used to be almost a rite of passage.

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Braces: An artificial device or system that places teeth under tension for a long period of time.

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FACT: While the cost is different, orthodontists are not doing the same work.Generally, braces are used to complete the treatment using the preserved space once all of the teeth have erupted.These sharp incisors were perfect for hunting down and tearing food apart.

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If you also belong to them, then think twice and read on about the advantages of wearing braces for crooked teeth.

Braces are orthodontic appliances used to reposition teeth that are improperly aligned or mal-occluded.

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Braces move misaligned teeth into a new position by applying constant subtle pressure on the teeth.Dr. Wilkerson has many years of experience with Dental Braces and Invisalign.At one time, seeing the orthodontist and getting fitted with a set of dental braces was a kind of rite of passage.Ceramic Braces are made from clear material and are less visible on your teeth than metal.

If the tenderness is severe, take aspirin or whatever you normally take for headache or.Everyone knows that sugar is bad for your teeth, but acidic foods can cause just as many problems.

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Various things can cause teeth to become crooked or jaws misaligned, including thumb-sucking or a traumatic injury.Some people say that having a straight, beautiful smile is the best accessory, but not everyone is confident in the appearance of their teeth.The price of lingual/behind the teeth braces is usually more than the price of conventional braces and here are the reasons why: The components used in traditional braces are mass-produced and are all stocked items.

If your teeth are less than white, they may tend to stand out (in this case, the Ceramic brackets would be a better choice).

Ceramic braces are nearly identical to metal braces, only they spare one element: visibility.Today you will find that getting braces is not isolated to your teenage years anymore.To find an orthodontist in your area, visit the American Association of Orthodontics website, or book an appointment with your family dentist.

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Adult orthodontic treatment is becoming a very popular form of cosmetic dentistry, as many people wish to preserve their natural enamel rather than have veneers or crowns implanted to improve their smile.At Milton Orthodontics, upper ceramic braces are offered to all patients including children and teens, not just adults.

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Braces are actually for anyone interested in improving their teeth.

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When the braces are removed, you can end up with lighter stains where the brackets were if you do not regularly clean your teeth.

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Does the word braces call to mind a teenager with a mouth full of metal.Try to brush your teeth after every meal to remove any food that can get stuck under the wires.Wisdom teeth are often extracted to prevent displacement of the other teeth.A study showed that the crowding problem of 60-70% of patients was successfully treated with this appliance and braces.Veneers are perfect for people who have crooked or discolored teeth, or who want to correct mild gaps.

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